Move Pharma is the leading manufacturer for nutraceuticals Pakistan and the only professional organization concerned with all aspects of herbal supplements. Competence, integrity, and serving the public benefit lie at the heart of the our philosophy. It values the many elements that contribute to the efficient and responsible supply, manufacture and distribution of safe, wholesome, nutritious and affordable nutraceuticals with due regard for the environment, animal welfare and the rights of consumers.

Our products developing prowess  manufacturing genius are two complementary capabilities. The two units, therefore, have the scope and the need to work together to be faster, better and cheaper in manufacturing nutraceutical end user products.

We are able to produce nutraceuticals with the same ingredients in various formats to meet specific requirements and needs of the target groups. Thus it is made available as water dispersible and as solids using processes such as spray-drying and ultrafiltration to preserve, modify, or deliberately incorporate the active ingredients.

In the flow of products from farm, forest, , and sea through processing ¬†plants, and through wholesale and retail markets to the ultimate consumer, most difficulties are met at the transition points‚ÄĒpoints at which the product passes from department to department within a company, or is sold by one company to another or to an individual. The systems adopted in line with ISO standards by Livelong ¬†facilitate the flow of products through these transition points. In smoothing out points of difficulty, our systems provide the evolutionary adjustments which are necessary for industry to keep pace with technical advances. We never believes in the mere survival in the audit but strongly feels the requirement of an improvement in the performance and works towards to achieve it every day.

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